New Mexico Wing 
Civil Air Patrol
Summer Encampment 2019
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​ENCAMPMENT .......Fall In!

Day one of encampment went great! Cadets were put into their flights and met those they will spend this incredible, awe-inspiring, extraordinary week with. As the week goes on the cadets will become united in their flights, and high-spirited chants will increase in volume and frequency. There is nothing quite like the bond of flight mates at encampment, and there is nothing like the creativity of cadets when they want to show how much they support their flights!

Last night, all the cadets signed something we call the Honor Agreement. Much like it sounds, this is the time when cadets commit that they have come, as it says “to experience the full range of opportunities and challenges available in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program.” And that’s what encampment is and will be for every cadet this next week. But, as the cadets learned tonight from a speech given by Admiral William H. McRaven in 2014: “If you want to change the world, don’t back down from the sharks, [whatever they may be]” 

This week will challenge many of the cadets, but the journey and the “sharks” each cadet faces will help them see their potential to change the world and become extraordinary cadets in the process.
Discipline, Discipline, Discipline....and Other Leadership Traits 

What really is it that makes someone a leader? Maybe it’s being someone others look up to. Maybe it’s having the most experience or knowing the most people. Maybe it’s being dedicated, motivated, and inspiring. Or maybe being a leader is a compilation of who you are and what you have learned. Today, cadets attended several briefings all about discipline, leadership, being a wingman, and the importance of physical fitness. As part of these classes, cadets stood at attention for FIVE minutes. Crazy, right? Or maybe just disciplined. 

Cadets also worked together to solve several team leadership problems, which are artificial situations presented to challenge each flight’s ability to work together and solve problems. They are interesting thinking puzzles. After all, what better way to demonstrate leadership than by solving problems? 

You want me to do WHAT!?

Have you ever climbed up a 40 foot net, over a pole, down a wooden ladder, across a bridge, and slid down a rope? Probably not, but that’s what cadets were doing today. Along with that, they climbed over and through several obstacles, and even got to do some low crawling with actual wires over their heads. There sure were a lot of smiles and a lot of conquered fears this morning! 

At the same time, cadets had the experience of firing actual weapons on a simulated range. They learned a little about weapon safety and practiced loading, locking, and firing weapons at actual targets. Everyone was excited for this experience, and no one was let down.