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Civil Air Patrol
Summer Encampment 2018
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What you need to know....
Encampment 2018 Supply List
Note: ASSUME we will NOT have laundry facilities. So if you 
think you will need any extra "anything" that is on this list, bring it.

Male/Female – BDU/ABU
____ BDU/ABU Shirt with name/CAP tape
____ BDU/ABU Pants
____ Crew neck t-shirts 
(BDU = Black  OR ABU = Sand/Beige) 
____ BDU/ABU cover
____ BDU/ABU belt
____ Appropriate boot socks (for the week)
____ BLACK Combat boots and blousers or hair bands
____ All accoutrements

Male/Female - Blues
** NEW ITEM: Hanging Clothing bag/or large black bag
____ Blues uniform shirt with CAP name tag
(short sleeve preferred)
____ Blues uniform pants (option: skirt for
____ Blues uniform Flight Cap
____ Blues uniform belt
____ Blues uniform shoes (and shoe shine kit)
____ All accoutrements

Physical Fitness Gear
____ Cross trainer/running shoes
____ Black socks and boot socks–enough pairs
for entire stay
____ 2-3 pair BLACK PT shorts (pants/shorts)
____ 3-4 BLACK T-shirts (NO LOGOS)
____ BLACK Sweat pants/shirt (1 sets)

Personal Toiletry Items
*** NEW ITEM: Shower bag to carry
toiletries and change of clothes
*** Swim Suit for communal showers at Base Gym
____ Underwear for entire stay
____ Water supply (camel back/canteen)
____ Sunscreen AND lip balm/chapstick
____ Bath soap (non-scented preferred)
____ Tooth brush AND toothpaste
____ Shaving kit (If needed)
____ Deodorant (non-aerosol)
____ Foot powder
____ Hair shampoo/conditioner in small bottles
____ Comb/brush
____ Laundry bag (for dirty items, we do not have laundry 
____ Supply of feminine hygiene items (Just in case)
____ 3 bath towels
____ 4 washcloths
____ 3 hand or sweat towel
____ Shower shoes
____ Optional: PJs/Sweats or long t-shirts for

pins and hair bands, quick bun maker

General Items
____ Supply of prescription medications
____ Sleeping bag & pillow, bring an extra blanket
____ CAP membership card (required)
____ Spiral Notebook, pencils, pens
____ Thick style” mole skin (pre-cut for
large blister)
____ Ace Bandage (EVERYONE!)
____ (Optional) Cameras (not cell phone!!)

NOTE: Suitcase/duffle bag must fit under a military style

BALL CAPS:  All Cadets will need a ball cap.  But DO NOT PURCHASE this item as the color will depend upon which flight they are assigned to. The Ball Caps will be purchased and issued during in-processing and the cost is part of the total fee.   

For our Medical Unit bring the following for
Band Aids, moleskin, (thank you)

For our LandNAV Course, you will need the following: 
Day Pack: webbed gear with these items
Notepad and pencil 
All CAP Identification, including 101 card
First Aid card, etc. 
Handkerchief or Tissues
Vest, reflective, orange 
Signal Mirror
Pocket or utility-type knife, multipurpose with can opener. Swiss Army knives, Leatherman, or Gerber Tools are recommended. 
First Aid Kit, stored in zip-lock bag or other waterproof container, recommended that it consists of the following:
    2 Antiseptic cleansing pads
    Antiseptic ointment
    6 Band-Aids, various sizes
    Moleskin, 2” X 4”
    Roller bandage
    2 Safety pins, large
    4 gauze pads
    1 Triangular Bandage
    Tape, first aid
    Rubber surgical gloves (two pair minimum)
    Flagging Tape, 1 roll
Flashlight (with red or blue lens), with spare bulb and batteries
Spare flashlight (penlight will do) 
Work Gloves, leather
Interviewing Form(s), blank
4 Moist Towelettes, clean, in foil wrapper
Shelter Material, preferably 8’ X 10’ (spare military poncho meets the need)
Compass Pouch, containing compass, lensatic or orienteering (orienteering preferred). Compass should have a “glow in the dark” dial.
Protractor -- for map work.
Pencil, with eraser (plus sharpener if not a mechanical pencil)
Alcohol Pens, fine tip, at least 2 colors (neither the color of your colored flashlight lens)
Alcohol swabs or a special alcohol pen eraser.
A straightedged ruler, at least 6” long (Some protractors may have a ruler as well)

Printable Equipment List
Just a tip from the Commander: It's not rocket science.  If it's not on this list I think of it as contra-band.  If I say the uniform is tan t-shirt, black shorts, and black socks, and I walk out on the field and see purple t-shirt and beige sweat pants, and orange socks, I am going to assume that someone seriously wanted to offend me!  Is that understood? Because that is not the definition of "Excellence in all we do" now is it? And I take that core value seriously.    -Lt Col Dilda