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Summer Encampment 2018
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For Our Senior Officers
This page is for the Senior member staff.  Your roles are critical whether you are a TACO or the Commandant or the Encampment Commander.  This Encampment has so much going for it and one of the strongest aspects is the DYNAMITE DREAM TEAM already in place.  This page is just for information and expectations. 

We have totally focused on developing the encampment for our cadets with high standards and expectations.  The same is true for Seniors.

FEES have been waived for all Senior Officer volunteers!  Thanks to our Finance Officer, Capt Mary Fox.

This year's encampment will allow for a few authorizations not previously included.  YES! You have some choices! These are under my authorization as the Commander for the Encampment only. Please use your best judgement for what is appropriate for each day or activity. 

2. Daily Uniform choices for TACOS, Drivers, Medical, Safety 
(you will be with the cadets during their training day) :
               a. Whatever the cadets are assigned for that day, or
               b. Polo/Grey with 511 tactical pants 
               c.  Encampment T-Shirt/CAP T-shirt, and 511 tactical pants
               d. ABUs/BDUs

3. Pass & Review Uniform
          a. Class A dress blues
          b. Class B Blues
          c. Grey & Whites corporate uniform

1. Daily Uniform choices for Command Support Staff:
  a. Polo/Grey with 511 tactical pants
  b. Polo/Encampment T-Shirt/CAP T-shirt, and 511 tactical pants
  d. ABUs/BDUs