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Summer Encampment 2018
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So what do we have planned for the NCO Flight? Here's where we will start. 

First, PLEASE REVIEW THE CADET STUDENT PAGE.  That's a good place to find out what is expected of ALL Cadet Students.  Then, add the following information for encampment readiness.  

Technical Readiness. First, NCOs must be technically ready to accomplish the mission. This relates back to the “Leader as Expert” section in the previous chapter. The Air Force rightly insists that NCOs know the details of their job. What is the mission? How do we perform those tasks? What are the standards – how do we know if
we’ve done a “good job”? What does the regulation require? These are some of the questions NCOs ask themselves to ensure they have the technical know-how to lead others.

Physical Readiness. Second, NCOs must be physically ready to accomplish the mission. If a leader is not healthy, he or she could hinder the team instead of helping it. Because of this requirement, NCOs are traditionally the ones who lead their units in fitness training. Again, leadership by example is expected. If NCOs do not
exercise regularly and meet fitness standards, who else will? Mental Readiness. 

Third, if an NCO’s mind is not totally focused on their professional duties, the mission will suffer. This requires NCOs to effectively manage their stress. Mental readiness includes having healthy attitudes toward school and home life. It means being alert for signs of drug abuse and depression (for example, talk of suicide) in oneself and others. Cadet NCOs can show a commitment to mental readiness by promoting the
wingman concept and reaching out for adult help when life seems to be spinning out of control.
About the NCO Flight
Encampments are usually aimed at and developed for cadets within the first 3 ranks of 
participation. However, it is possible to get through to the grades of NCO before 
attending an encampment.  But it simply is not appropriate to force an advanced 
cadet to attend a beginner's encampment. 

The New Mexico Summer Encampment’s NCO flight, or Cobra flight, is designed for the 
advanced cadets as a group of cadet noncommissioned officers that are attending the 
activity. Also, many cadets return year after year because they enjoy the activities. These 
cadets already know the basics and aren’t challenged by the standard curriculum. 

Thus, Cobra Flight is for those cadets who are between the ranks of C/SSgt and C/CMSgt.  Cobra flight will challenge you as an NCO. The information that you will take home will help you achieve your goals in CAP. As an Airman you learned how to be a follower, now you will become an extraordinary leader.

“I would caution you always to remember that an essential qualification of a good leader is the ability to recognize, select, and train junior leaders.” ––GEN Omar Bradley, (February 12, 1893 – April 8, 1981)

NCO Flight.
NCO Flight 
Program Coordinator
2nd Lt Taylor Cases