New Mexico Wing 
Civil Air Patrol
Summer Encampment 2018
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(Students and Cadet Cadre)

1. Access the links on the right and print out the forms and fill them out and get the 
requisite signatures. 
2. Access the Student Info and the List Page to begin preparing for Encampment.
3. DO NOT SEND HARD COPY APPLICATIONS.  Please scan your pages and email them to  You will bring your hard copies to the in-processing done on the first day of Encampment.  


This year we are doing a 9-10 day encampment so our fees are


 CEAP SCHOLARSHIPS: APPLY EARLY (the sooner you get your application in the more you may receive toward your fees) 

No cash or checks will be accepted at any time by any member of the NM Encampment team. ALL MONEY MUST PASS THROUGH THE APPLICANT’S SQUADRON Unless the applicant is from out of state. It is the cadet’s responsibility to be sure this happens and it should occur at the same time as the CAPF 31 getting signed.

· Checks will be issued to the applicant’s squadron
     –ask them how they want it filled out HOWEVER 
    – note the name of the Applicant in the RE field on the bottom left of the check. 
· A photocopy of the NM Encampment payment must be submitted with the CAPF 31 in order for the registration to be processed. CAPF 31 received without a photocopy of the payment will be rejected (Note this is a change from last year)

· Registration forms without a photo copy of the check or photocopy of the cash receipt of the payment to their squadron will not be processed, and will be rendered void until receipt of the photocopy of payment. 

· SUGGESTION: get a copy of the check BEFORE you give the check to your squadron!!!

· Squadron’s that promise partial payment must include a promissory note indicating the amount to be covered by the squadron along with the photocopy of the payment by the cadet in order to be processed—both attached to the signed CAPF 31. 

· A note could be a handwritten expression on the CAPF31 if necessary; however, the note or indication of promised financial assistance must be clear, signed and approved by the squadron commander. Any questionable information will render the registration void. (Cadets, if you cannot read the note, then neither can we.)

EXAMPLE: If squadron A says they will pay $60 of the Encampment registration fee, then a note from the Squadron commander indicating their promise to pay $60 must accompany the photocopy for $115 by the cadet in order for the registration form to be processed. This note could be a separate piece of paper stapled to the CAPF 31 or it can be handwritten on the CAPF 31. Either way, it must be clear, signed and approved by the squadron commander.

CEAP SCHOLARSHIPS: APPLY EARLY (the sooner you get your application in the more you may receive toward your fees)

· Cadet’s who have applied for a CEAP scholarship, or any other scholarship, must include a photocopy of the CEAP submission or print screen of the submission must accompany the registration form. 

· A photocopy of the scholarship application will hold the applicant’s registration form as valid until CEAP scholarships have been announced.

· Once CEAP Scholarships are announced, cadets who did not receive a CEAP scholarship will be expected to pay in full immediately, through their squadron, and submit photocopy of their payment or will risk having their registration voided. 


All registration forms not paid in full on June 1 or at the time of submission after June 1 will be rejected and / or voided. (Note this is a change from previous years.)

will be $171 for all cadets plus $4.00 for the ball caps $175 total.
As of June 14, Still Accepting Cadet Student registrations.