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Civil Air Patrol
Summer Encampment 2019
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Before the Encampment

Print out and bring to Encampment this SOI:

Encampment is not a boot camp. Although the focus is on basic cadet training, some training is required at the cadet's home squadron to ensure that the cadet understands the basics of CAP customs and courtesies, the basics of CAP drill, the basics of proper uniform wear, and engages regularly in a standard PT program. Encampment should not be a cadet's first exposure to these subjects. The cadet's home squadron commander has responsibility for this training. 

At Encampment, each day begins early, with opening formation and calisthenics. All cadets participate in flight competitions, as well. Although a cadet does not have to be in peak physical condition to attend encampment, a regular exercise program, to include running, will help them to prepare.

We recommend that you work out at least 3-5 times per week, and start at least six weeks prior to Encampment.

Note: for your health and safety, we recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to beginning any physical fitness regimen.

Start acquiring everything on the list early. This allows you more time to obtain some of the items. Squadron commanders or squadron supply officers 
can make recommendations and may be able to assist in obtaining uniform items. Some uniform items may require ordering so allow adequate time. No uniform items are available at encampment!

Parents should provide basic instructions on doing laundry and ironing to cadets. There is no washer and dryer availability at Coyote Canyon. If participants bring all of the required items on the Equipment List, there should be no need to do any laundry. Please bring blues in ready to wear (completely ironed), on a hanger, and in a sealed clothes bag 

Compliance with uniform regulations is extremely important. The US Air Force prescribes the policy for uniform wear for cadet blues uniforms and Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU). Regulations require exact placement of all insignia, patches, and accessories. If there are questions about this, contact your home squadron personnel. If cadets arrive at encampment with patches improperly sewn, they are responsible for correcting the error. This is not encampment staff's job. Please ensure that uniform are correct prior to arrival or be certain that your cadet knows how to sew. They will have to fix any problems.

Cadet Students
Dates: June 13-21, 2019 
Please Note the date change to 1 day earlier!

 Cadet students under the age of 12 will not 
be accepted to encampment without Encampment 
Commander approval or prior Encampment attendance. 

CAPR 60-1, 9.2.5. Eligibility. To participate, cadets must have completed Achievement 1, and receive per-mission from their parent or guardian and unit commander via a CAPF 60-81. For Type A encampments, cadets must be at least 12 years old by the start of the activity. Unit commanders shall discuss the encampment environment with parents of their cadets, especially parents of cadets under age 14. It is conceivable that some of the youngest cadets will be best served if they attend encampment during their second cycle of eligibility. 

Haircuts and hairstyles must meet CAP grooming standards. Staff will not allow 
cadets to in-process if hair is not in accordance with grooming standards. If 
anyone other than a parent or guardian drops off a cadet at encampment and the 
cadet requires a haircut, encampment staff will escort the cadet to the base 
barbershop as soon as possible. If they have no money to pay for a haircut, 
encampment staff will give them the option of calling home for pick up or having 
their haircut done that meets standards immediately before encampment.

Uniform shoes and combat boots must be broken-in before encampment. 
Each year, blisters are the most common injury at encampment and most 
are preventable by proper break-in of boots and shoes.  

The Equipment List on the website contains items that all cadets must 
bring as well as prohibited items. Items on the list are required unless 
indicated as optional. Encampment senior staff members inspect each 
cadet's luggage as part of in-processing. Encampment staff will confiscate 
prohibited items. Please do not "surprise" your cadet by tucking away a 
package of chocolate chip cookies in their luggage. They will get the blame, 
but not the cookies!

During Encampment

Encampment life is a regimented life. Cadets will be challenged by a 
carefully designed, age-appropriate, military-style training environment. Surveys show that the opportunity to thrive in a strict, Air Force-like setting is among the top reasons young people become cadets. 

What it’s Like
Encampment’s emphasis on military bearing, saluting, and discipline is ratcheted up a few notches than what you’re used to at ordinary squadron-level cadet activities.

Therefore, you will sometimes feel stressed. You will hear commands issued more emphatically and more loudly than usual. You will feel a sense of urgency to follow orders and complete your duties. Staff will sometimes lean into your personal space, strongly make eye contact, and challenge you to exceed their expectations.

After the Encampment

When Encampment is over, you will feel an enormous sense of accomplishment.  
You will have pushed yourself past your current limits and discovered that there
 is more to you than even you knew!  

We hope that you will feel inspired and motivated to continue with the CAP 
Cadet Program, to go from being a follower to a leader, to push yourself 
beyond achieving "above average" and working continuously toward  


During the Encampment, awards are given on a Flight and Individual basis.  
The daily HONOR FLIGHT Award is based upon the following:
     Uniform and dormitory inspection scores                            20%
     Team Leadership Problem victories                                       20%
     Team sports victories                                                                 20%
     Spot checks 

Flight that receives this award the most, will receive it overall 
for the Encampment. 


Applications will be taken starting April 1st, 2019